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I tried blogging today but...

I've been sitting...starring at the blinking cursor in this blank post.  I have 74% battery.

I open a new tab in Safari.  I give Facebook a quick look over.  Wow, it looks like a friend of mine got engaged over the weekend! That's exciting.  Hmmm, what else?...I look through a couple weddings posted by my photog friends.  It's summertime, so Mondays are always full of those posts from the weekend.

I look at Instagram...shoot. My phone only has 7% battery.  I should have brought that charger.  Why are all my batteries running low?  Maybe they're just mimicking my mood.  They know it's a cloudy day...the perfect day to take it easy.

I click back to my blog tab.  That cursor is still blinking.  That post is still blank.  62% battery.  I didn't bring my charger to Starbucks...it was supposed to serve as motivation to sit down and write.

I look out the window.  There's a guy whose waiting to cross the street...his physique clearly boasts of a well used gym membership (unlike mine...I really need to try canceling that again).  He's "forgotten" to button his flapping shirt...but as the wind picks up because a storm is coming, he reluctantly gives in.

58% battery.  I really need to get a new battery for this computer.

Ugh...what should I write about?  I could post a picture of a recent shoot...I should work on that tonight when I have my charger.

There's a girl sitting a couple tables over from me...she's interviewing for a job.  I can't tell if it's going well.  I can't even tell if she really wants the job...probably a good sign that the interview isn't going well.

Sitting behind her is a guy who keeps taking pictures of his computer screen with his phone.  Is he going to Instagram? My kind of guy.

*Thunder*...we all look up.  I can see the construction worker outside say to another, "Thunder" as he points to the sky.  He pulls out his phone...probably checking the weather. Is it going to pass quickly or should they call it a day? The other guy gets on his phone...probably calling their supervisor.  At least, this is the story I've written in my head about them...for all I know, they're ordering a pizza.


I didn't know you could order a grande drink in a venti cup and ask for extra ice...thank you, Lauren! My Starbucks experience has just gotten significantly better.  I'm crunching on my extra ice.

Nat King Cole is singing to me.  It's raining.  I'm chewing ice.  I like this moment.

I remember something Jonas Peterson said to me a couple years ago as we sat at dinner in the Dominican Republic.  He leaned over and said, "Sometimes, I just stop.  I listen. I feel the condensation of the water from my cup on my fingers.  I feel the breeze on my face.  I hear the cooks in the background arguing.  Someone is laughing.  It smells humid...salty. And I just take notice of this moment.  Not for any profound reason, but just to take notice of these moments."

32%...maybe I'll pack up and go home...or for a walk.  It is raining after-all...the best time to take a walk.

Meredith + Casper {Fasion}

I'm not sure anyone knows how MUCH I absolutely LOOOOOOOVED horses growing up, except my family.

It was teetering on ridiculousness.

From covering my closet walls in calendar pictures, to practically memorizing the movie National Velvet, to reading the Black Stallion books...my "cool" meter was buried in zero...but I didn't care.  I'd tie a jumprope around the handlebars of my little pink bike mimicking the reigns on a horse and would insist on steering my bike that way.  To answer all of the concerned mother's thoughts out there, yes, it was even less safe than it sounds...but I mastered it after many falls dismounts.  I was too embarrassed to "giddy-up" it before peddling away, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't mentally whisper it to myself each time I'd pedal away. I spent most nights falling asleep planning out how I was going to own a horse in Tokyo, Japan...which would meld into some of my weirdest and best dreams. I loved horses...still do.

The funny thing is that I've probably only ridden them 5 times and have been thrown 3 of the 5. My right palm used to bare a scar of triumph from one of the throws, and I may as well have had a trophy, I was so proud of that thing.  Needless to say, horses don't love me as much as I adore them...and it also makes me really admire people that ride.  This is probably why I jumped on the chance to shoot Mere and her horse, Casper.

Mere has ridden for years and rode Casper in competitions.  However, this white beauty is retiring to become a trail horse (I think I just made that term up), and so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a shoot of the two.

Three of us photographers/friends shot this Lana Del Rey inspired shoot...and I have to say, it was such a fun experience to be shooting something off the tracks from what I'm used to.  It feels good to do something different as it serves like a reset button to my creative excitement.  And yes, the fact that a horse was my main subject may have had a lot to do with it. :)

Mere, thanks for letting me be a part of this shoot.  You earned major cool points with my 6 year old self!

Thoughts from Yesterday

I have no set-up for this post...just random thoughts I had yesterday.

There is something about sour dough bread starter that creeps me out.  That, and cast iron pans.  Why is it that you have to feed one and can't use soap on the other?  I think there's something about how there's no clear end to either...the idea of feeding a vat of yeast to "keep it alive" could almost give me nightmares.  Unless I can pet it or talk to it, I don't want to feed it.  And how is the idea of cooking out of something that never gets a really clean do-over okay?  But don't get me wrong, I love sour dough bread, and I cook out of a cast iron pan.  I'm a complete contradiction with no morals in my food choices.

*My sister, Rebekah, making magic in the kitchen...I blame her.

Recently, some of the most profound lessons have come from realizing what a terrible dancer I am.

I would rather listen to "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" than just about anything else on the internet.

I really don't know much. At all, really.
I know VERY little.
I suspect the  m a j o r i t y.
I hope for the rest.

A bag of fruit snacks always leave me wanting just a couple more and happy that I had them.  They're basically the perfect size of packaging.

I think I literally heard my hair cry for a trim the other day.

I would try coconut oil pulling if it wasn't for the name...something about it...ewe.

I recently read that airlines are possibly going to start offering standing seating in order to fit more people on a plane:

Basically, we're now Ben Hur in the gallows of a Roman ship...and yes, I AM a little embarrassed that that's my pop culture reference.

Whenever I post one of these "Random Thoughts" posts, I read back over them and can see from the outside in, why I'm so quirky at times...okay, most times.  I'd try and rewrite it to make myself sound a little "cooler", but the bad thing about that is people eventually meet me, and I'm too lazy to try and live "cool" Tami...quite impossible really.  So, instead I don't edit and people avoid meeting me. ;)

Happy Thursday friends!!